So, I read that the IRS has 1.1 BILLION dollars of money from 2007 that should go for refunds that people haven’t applied for. Want to know why they haven’t applied? ‘Cause they are living and working here illegally. So, the next time someone complains about how much it costs America to have “illegals” living here, remind them that not only do they pay the same sales tax as everyone else, and medicare/social security tax for benefits they will NEVER GET, but they also contribute 1.1 BILLION extra dollars to the the US Treasury every year.

2 Responses to “thanks!”

  1. Natalie Sokoloff Says:

    WOW! Thanks for the info. Natalie

  2. Deborah-Miriam Says:

    (1) Holy cow!
    (2) Yeah – “thanks!”
    (3) I like having such a stunning comeback for those who kvetch about illegals.

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