getting what you ask for

OK, then. According to the new Republican majority, government needs to get out of the way of business, allow American self-reliance, promote competition, and reduce spending. We can do that!

Let’s start with getting rid of all the farm subsidies. The farm states voted Republican, so they should get behind this. The government will quit giving the farmers money and allow them to rely on themselves without worrying about all that pesky non-competitive support from the government.

Then, let’s oblige all those Republicans who purported to speak for the small business owners. Yo, there, small business owners! Pay back those SBA loans right now – the government isn’t in the business of lending you money or guaranteeing your loans any more. Stand on your own two feet.

Let’s quit paying for basic research with our tax dollars. If pharmaceutical and technological companies want to make products people want to buy, let them rely on themselves to do the science.

Next, let’s get the government out of the business of providing roads, airports and air traffic controllers. If companies want to send their trucks out on roads, or their goods on airplanes, they can buy some roads and hire some air traffic controllers. In fact, they can compete for the cheapest air traffic controllers; if a few planes drop out of the sky over Macon or Lincoln, it’s just cost-benefit calculation.

And if all you good Republicans lose your jobs because the farm conglomerates can’t afford to pay you and the small business go bust and the pharmaceutical and technology companies all move to countries that support basic research, well, don’t count on the government for unemployment insurance. That’s your problem, not ours. We’re busy reducing spending.

3 Responses to “getting what you ask for”

  1. Geena F Says:

    Aunt Judy I love reading your blogs.

  2. Michele Says:

    I find that these points, while rational, don’t even dent the rather sudden and compartmentalized hysteria that people on the right have about “cutting spending.”. They don’t seem to see the intellectual and emotional inconsistency in the fact that their concerns were no where to be found when Bush was pushing two wars and tax cuts, taking a budget surplus inherited from Clinton to a huge deficit. The response is, ” but, Obama has added trillions in two years.”. The older ones will not turn away their Medicare entitlement despite their complaints about “big government.”. It’s not rational, but tell them that.

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