how incredibly hip we are up here

kiosks. Someone is making money from my bad conscience.

What brilliant David noticed right off is that they are selling indulgences.

3 Responses to “how incredibly hip we are up here”

  1. Ethel Seid Says:

    What are you talking about? Why should you have a guilty conscience? What did David notice? Also how come it was posted at 3:42 AM on Sept. 30 and it is now only 11:25 PM on Sept. 29?

  2. Judith Seid Says:

    Grr. I see the post was cut off at the start. There are electronic kiosks at SFO. You can put in money to offset the carbon emissions from your flight. No telling where it goes – it’s not tax-deductible, so it’s not going to a non-profit planting trees or whatever.

  3. Ethel Seid Says:

    You mean you put money in a kiosk and you don’t know to whom it is going? Who does that? Find out and tell them that I have a bridge I would like to sell them. I see what David means about selling indulgences. You mean the pope is behind this?

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