Civil rights: just too expensive

Michael Steele should be careful with his great new idea to revitalize the Repulsivecan Party. He is hoping to spark opposition to gay marriage because it’s too expensive for business, and might create actual (gasp) responsibilities for gay spouses. He’s been trying to appeal to young voters by explaining that small businesses would have to pay for health care for extra people, and that could “cost me money.”

Appealing to social conservatives with the argument that marriage between people of the same sex is expensive, societally and personally, is a tricky one. For example, one might be tempted to apply the same argument to say, children. Cost of abortion: way under $1,000. Cost of raising a child to age18: somewhere around $250,000. And that’s just the personal cost. The societal cost of abortion: zero. The societal cost of raising a child: well, let’s start with public schools…

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