It’s good to be old #2

Second in an occasional (very occasional) series on the little known advantages of being old. (The first was 15 cent coffee at McDonald’s.)

Why it is good to be old: You can get a seat on a crowded train and not feel guilty.

5 Responses to “It’s good to be old #2”

  1. judithseid Says:

    The only good thing about being old is you get to retire – but only if you have a decent income and nothing hurts. Movies are not even half price anymore for (you should excuse the expression) seniors. Now they are just a dollar or two less than regular price. At least when you saw a bad movie you were only out 3 or 4 dollars. Now you are out 10 or 11 dollars. So much for advantages of being old. When did you write the first of this series? I remember when coffee was a nickel.

    • judithseid Says:

      The first one? I wrote it a million years ago about the time I was driving to Visalia and thought maybe the clerk at McDonald’s and I were having a language problem, but it turned out she really was charging me just 15 cents for a cup of coffee. You didn’t think that was worth getting old for then, either.

  2. judithseid Says:

    Hey-something is screwy. It is I, Ethel Seid, who posted the above comment.

  3. Ruthy Seid Says:

    You’re not old enough to not feel guilty about the train seat. Unless it’s a 14-year-old who gives it up for you and you’re carrying a heavy bag.

  4. Ethel Seid Says:

    Oh yes- I remember now. It was on your previous blog.

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