I’m a card carrying lefty – socialist, feminist, atheist. The 42 Americans to the left of me still wear Mao jackets and quote from the Little Red Book.

Here’s what I don’t understand about my fellow progressives – how they can support Hamas. Hamas, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of the most anti-progressive organizations imaginable. Hamas clearly states it wants to establish a state run by the strictest Islamic law, like Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan under the Taliban. Under this rule, it is illegal to be homosexual. You can be executed for that. Girls don’t go to school. Women can’t work, can’t even leave the house without a man. If they appear unescorted in public, they risk severe beatings. Under the Taliban, men without beards were assaulted and beaten on the street, too.

Infidels – that’s us, my fellow progressives – are also fair game. According to Hamas, we should be killed, along with all Jews. That’s right – not just Israelis, ALL Jews.

Not only are they bullies, they’re cowards, too. What kind of people shoot missiles from schoolyards and hide munitions in the basements of apartment buildings? Is it all of a sudden a progressive value to make children and civilians into martyrs?

In addition to being bullies and cowards, they are fascists. Hamas, as a radical right-wing Islamist organization, cedes ultimate authority to religious leaders regardless of the opinions of the ordinary people. The state, as embodied in the religious leadership, supersedes the rights of individuals. Lawrence Britt’s 14 Characteristics of Fascism fit Hamas well. They include powerful nationalism, disdain for human rights, scapegoating as a unifying cause, supremacy of the military, rampant sexism, the intertwining of government and religion, obsession with crime and punishment and disdain for intellectuals and the arts.

We progressives reflexively root for the underdog. Here’s what my follow progressives should understand: The underdog is not always the good guy. Regardless of Israel’s behavior during the occupation, during the isolation of Gaza, and during the current war, Hamas is not the good guy. Hamas a viciously anti-progressive force, and those who care about the Palestinian people should oppose Hamas with all their hearts, voices and strength.


One Response to “Hamas”

  1. Bennett Muraskin Says:

    Hamas is not a good guy. OK. But let’s not get carried away. Have they done in Gaza what you say they are committed to doing? Rhetoric and reality are not always the same thing. Gaza is not run like Saudi Arabia and Hamas are not twins of the Taliban.

    More importantly, they have to be included in negotiations to end the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    Can we agree on that?

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