A doll story

So, it turns out you can’t buy a baby doll any more. You can buy a drink and pee baby doll. You can buy a gurgle and coo baby doll. You can buy a run-a-fever and cry baby doll. You can buy a take-a-bath baby doll. You can buy a get sick and whine baby doll (I kid you not). Although I didn’t see it on my shopping trip, limited as I was to four or five grueling hours, you can probably buy a cleft-palate-gets-surgery baby doll. But there’s no such thing as a plain baby doll. And there’s REALLY no such thing as a plain baby doll without a brand name sewn to its clothing.

Why can’t a little kid PRETEND to feed a change a doll? PRETEND to nurse it to health? Make whiney crying noises FOR the dolly? We are raising a generation of kids even more play-challenged that the little friend of my son Micah, who, in 1987, knew how to play only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and then could only act out episodes he had already seen.

Know what? The kids at Jewish Culture School made cornhusk dolls today. AND they acted out the chanukah story with them. AND they took them home to play with. The big question is – will they know how?

7 Responses to “A doll story”

  1. Ethel Seid Says:

    That is an interesting post coming from someone who did not play with dolls.
    Why were you shopping for dolls? That is very unlike you. Corn husk dolls is a very American thing.

    • judithseid Says:

      One time I wanted a doll and you got it for me and it got stolen out of our car. We lived in the motel across from the dairy then while we were waiting for the house to be build.

      I was shopping for a doll for a foster kid. Our community is buying Xmas presents for 5 foster kids.

      This is definitely the best time of year to be Jewish – the madhouse out there belongs to Others.

  2. Ethel Seid Says:

    The madhouse out there is definitely part Jewish- you forgot about chanukah? Whatever happened to playing dreidl for nuts or pennies as we used to do? Did I ever replace the stolen doll. I do not remember that incident at all.

  3. Debby Says:

    I never heard this story. I am always happy in December to not be part of that madhouse.

  4. Rivka Says:

    What Channukah madness? We got gelt… This huge present buying thing is dumb

  5. DollBuyer Says:

    You can buy plain old baby dolls at the dollar store.

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