One of the nice things about my commute is the really good buskers at my stop, Montgomery.  We have three I like best.


  1. A middle aged man with a guitar who sings oldies with a voice like Freddy the Pig.  (For those of you who are illiterate, let me assure you this is not a slam.  Freddy had a “light, pleasing tenor.” ($1 at least once a week.)
  2. A young man cellist and woman violinist who play classical music.  ($5 every time)
  3. A jazz trio of three black older middle-aged men, the bassist/singer in dreads, a wild clarinet player and a staid drummer who seems, contrary to Moses’ opinion on drummers, to be the rhythm section.  ($1-2 every time.)

There is also:

4.  An old old guy playing samisen.  ($1 to stop)

7 Responses to “commuting”

  1. Ethel Seid Says:

    You mean they get that amount of money every day? That is about 35 dollars a week. I am proud to know you.

  2. judithseid Says:

    Well, they’re not all there every day. Only one in the morning and one in the evening, usually. Sometimes, there are none.

  3. Debby Says:

    What is samisen?
    And what colors skin do the other musicians have? Or is non of their skins important?
    How do you keep track for your taxes? heh-heh.

    • judithseid Says:

      Samisen is that horrible lap-held stringed instrument you play with a bow. The tenor is a white guy. The jazz musicians are black. The classical musicians I don’t remember. The samisen is a sort of brown, the kind that comes from Asia.

      Here is a little tax lesson: donations to individuals are not deductible. Besides, it’s not a donation. It’s payment for services.

  4. Ethel Seid Says:

    As I recall the samisen is a Japanese instrument and it sounds pretty awful or very pretty depending on the skill of the player. What is with the color issue all of a sudden. I thought you all took a page from my mother’s book who considered all non Jews in the same category regardless of race, color, or national origin. They were all Goyim.

  5. Rivka Says:

    The Moe comment made me laugh

  6. diane Says:

    Omigods, someone besides me who has read the Freddy, the talking pig books. Squeeee!

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